MB Bloom Part A | High Performance Hydroponic, Coco,Soil Formula Compares with Sensi Bloom. Use for explosive Bloom Phase. Has chelated nutrients.



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MB Bloom Part A


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Facts About MB BLOOM :


Medical Botanics Bloom A/B is a 2 Part COMPLETE Plant Food. Used for explosive Flower and Bud growth. "Both Parts SOLD Separately"



Most importantly MB Bloom Part A/B are WAY more cheaper than ANY 2 PART Bloom Plant Food Sold!



Use MB Bloom to help plants take off in Bloom Stage, and help them develop quicker pre-flowers, and eventually produce huge buds or flowers!



Use Mb Bloom and take your Blooming plants to the grandmaster level, and make your friends Jealous of your Blooming Plants!






MB Bloom Part A



  • Part A: 5.5-0-3
  • Part B: 2-2.5-6


Benefits To Using MB Bloom: 

  • More Flowers
  • Bigger Flowers
  • More Potent Flowers
  • Flowers with Higher Market Value
  • Faster Flower Period
  • Fully chealeted, which reduces deficiencies, and prevents nutrient lockout



Best used for explosive FLOWER Growth in:

  • SOIL
  • COCO

Provides your plants with the key elements needed for plants to live and Bloom:

  • Nitrogen - (N)
  • Phosphorous - (P)
  • Potassium - (K)
  • Calcium - (Ca)
  • Magnesium - (Mg)
  • Iron - (Fe) - EDTA, DTPA, Proteinate
  • Manganese - (Mn) EDTA and Proteinate
  • Zinc - (Zn) EDTA and Proteinate
  • Copper - (Cu) EDTA and Proteinate
  • Molybdenum - (Mo) EDTA and Proteinate
  • Boron - (B) EDTA and Proteinate
  • Cobalt - (Co) EDTA and Proteinate
  • Nickle - (Ni) EDTA and Proteinate




Our formulas are some of the best in the world Because:

  • We only use the finest ingredients made from these companies: Yara®, AkzoNobel® Dissolvine®, Haifa®, Kelpak®, Jh Biotech® Dow Chemical®Etc.
  • We use The Versene Mix:

Versene mix: Edta Acids

When the versene mix is added to the MB GROW and BLOOM formula, and you added it to your feed reservoir, all the nutrients in the reservoir become chelated, and are instantly easier for the plant to absorb.

This is also the secret ingredient behind flushing formulas. Flushing formulas are marketed to be used at end of harvest to improve flavor like Final phase, Clearex, Royal Flush etc...

  • We only use chelated micro-nutrients.

We use two kinds of chelated micro-nutrients:

  1. AkzoNobel® Dissolvine® Micro-nutrients chelated with Edta (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)
  2. Jh Biotech® Micro-nutrients chelated with Glycine (Amino Proteinates)

When these are used the plant can uptake the nutrients, or eat them much easier, faster, and in a wider pH range.

As you might know pH plays a huge role in the plants ability to process the micro-elements. If pH is to high or to low the micro-elements can be blocked, or unavailable for the plant to eat.

Except for Iron, most World Wide plant nutrient manufacturing companies still use the standard micro elements in their formulas. This is so they save a few cents, and you're left with a higher probability of your plants having deficiencies.


MB Bloom Usage:

  •  All Weeks BLOOM: 7ml/gal Of each Part A & B



If you're a MASTER GARDENER, and Know what to look for if you're over doing it you could take this product up to 15ml/gal. LOL please don't over feed your plants and blame us though either, as 7ml/gal is a great place for most.



TIP: If you feel you're having a hard time dialing in our product, but you were having SUCCESS with another companies products, but want to save money by using our products try this:

  1. Take a gallon of water and add their based to that gallon and take a PPM or EC reading.
  2. Now do the same with our base.
  3. Try to match our PPM to their PPM, so if 5ml/gal of their products gives you 200 PPM, then see how many ml/gal of our product it takes to give you 200 ppm.

With this info you can feed our products the same way you would used their products with success. Not an EXACT Science, but an alternative to get our products to work for you so you'll have success using our products, and can enjoy massive savings to your yearly plant food bill!




TIP: Because MB Bloom has Mb Plant flusher in it, you will NOT NEED TO Flush with clean water once a week.


MB Grow with MB Plant flusher in it will prevent salt building up in the medium. Now you should buy our MB Plant Flusher for the last week of bloom, since you will use no plants foods during this week, and you"ll want to use our plant flusher to flush your plants and medium prior to harvest to help improve taste.


THIS DOES NOT MEAN that if you over feed your plant you wont need to flush them with water.

This is simply saying that with some cheap nutrients sold at the hydro store like General Hydroponics©, they use such low quality fertilizers/salts that without the chelation from the flusher the medium is left with UNDISSOLVED fertilizers/salts, and this will cause lock out.


If this is your issue, by our MB Plant Flusher and use it at HALF STRENGTH/Gal of water "R.O. Water Preferred"



TIP: Best growth comes when Reverse Osmosis Water, or distilled water is used.

Buffers are found in city supplied water. They're place there to keep the ph locked in at the 8.0+ level. This is done to protect all the pipes supplying your water from rusting or corroding, but this is a horrible pH level for plants to be able to absorb the plant foods properly.

City water is also usually pretty dirty, and even if it is a cleaner source, it is usually found to have high alkalinity level. This will cause the pH in your reservoir or medium to constantly rise.

This is why we recommend you only use REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER. With REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER you have a clean source of water with a lower acidic pH range.


When you spend your money on a REVERSE OSMOSIS machine, you are now starting fresh with a very low ppm (no elements or nutrients) water source. This is a good thing because the elements or nutrients found in our city's water supplies are made for human consumption.

The plant must first break these elements down before they can even absorb them. This will result in slower uptake, and your plants will show deficiencies.

Now when you add buffers and chelated micro-nutrients back into your REVERSE OSMOSIS water, you now have a plant specific base water supply.

We recommend using our MB Cal & MAG products to add back these buffers/micro-nutrients.




Our Best 3 part flower boosts system!


1. MB Early PK Booster: Hydrolyzed Whey protein, Pk Boost.

Compares to Big Bud.


2. MB Late PK Booster: Is a late flowering booster of a large dose of phosphorous and potassium. Plus low levels of nitrogen and magnesium. MB Bud Finisher is designed to pack on THE size and weight of flowers in the last weeks before harvest.

Compares to Overdrive.


3. MB Hormone-Vitamin Booster:

Our ingredients: Indole-3-butyric acid, Bap-6(6Benzylaminopurine), Triacontanol, Brassinolide, Full range of B-Vitamins, Fulvic Acid.

Compares to Canna Boost, Rhizotonic, B-52, Superthrive, Snow Storm Ultra









Plant growth hormones are the secret ingredients behind Canna® Boost Accelerator®, Snow Storm Ultra®, clone gels, clone solutions, and any rooting solution that works very well, like Roots Excelerator®.


Believe none of their bullshit, hype, or advertisement regarding any other ingredient in these products. The main ingredient, whether it's quick rooting, large root mass, quick plant growth, large flowers, plant height restrictors, IT'S ALL HORMONES...


We decided to combine them all together and offer you 1 great product, at a wholesale rock bottom price. You can find our version, MB Hormone-Vitamin Booster contains Iba, Bap-6, Triacontanol, Brassinolide, Fulvic Acid, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and B12 Vitamins.


MB Hormone-Vitamin Booster is = $50 for a 4Liter bottle.

Compared to: Canna® Boost Accelerator® = $500 for a 5Liter bottle.


Plus Canna® makes you buy Rhizotonic® to get IBA. That’s another $300, and they don't have all these B-Vitamins, just a couple, so you would have to buy a $200 gallon of Superthrive® to get all these B-Vitamins as well.


That's a HUGE DIFFERENCE! $50 for a 4 liter bottle of ours that you can use every day.


(3) 4-5 Liter Bottles for a $1000 of their products. That you still use almost every day!


Welcome to the revolution! Where we can save you up to 75% off your daily nutrient bill!


There are many companies selling plant nutrients today. You can easily spot the higher quality brands simply by their cost, but did you know you can make these same formulas at home, or in the greenhouse, FOR WAY LESS???


Canna®, House and Gardens®, Advance nutrients®, Dutch Masters®, and Botanicare®,use these ingredients to make their high quality plant nutrients and additives. Please don’t believe any of their bullshit (hype) when they tell you they use special ingredients, or that they developed these ingredients. These are the same ingredients, bought from the same companies, that farmers, colleges and commercial greenhouses have been using for many years.

To name a few of these companies supplying these ingredients: Yara®, AkzoNobel® Dissolvine®, Haifa®, Kelpak®, Jh Biotech® etc.


It’s the hydro-store, and the nutrient companies, job to hype their products and stick pretty pictures on their bottles, so you are willing to spend the premium dollars on their products. It's nothing more than a few dollars of chemicals and water, and a lot of advertisement (HYPE). Do you think they want you to know that you could make your own formulas for $10 max, compared to the same product their charging $100+ for?


Save your money, and buy the ingredients to make your own formulas, or buy our high performance nutrients and additives. These are the same products you will find at the hydro store, except we combined several products, and then knocked 50-75% off their prices

   Mbferts FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about our High Performance Nutrients, Get answers to your questions about our nutrients Medical Botanics FEED CHART | Buy mbferts High Performance Plant Foods and Additives Our Products Versus Theirs | Advanced Nutrinets, canna, Heavy 16, Dutch master IF SHIPPING, Buy POWDERS of mbferts High Performance Plant Foods and Additives



Bloom Part A | High Performance Hydroponic-Coco-Soil Formula

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